for the benefit of all


With our 3DCP and other technologies we can build

up to 20 – 30 times faster.


A 250 m2 big house skeleton structure can be built

in 24 – 48 hours


Because we need

less workers

no forms for concrete

no steel

and because we use faster hardening cement

we can save up to 35 % on costs.


Because we use no heavy machines not only the construction site is safer, but also the building itself because it includes the following:

more fireproof


chemical proof


More stability and longevity

Because we use

Geopolymer Cement and Basalt (and no steel at all)

our structures are up to 6 times stronger

than Portland concrete/steel structures.

Also because we use no steel our structures last longer.

That means: no rust, corrosion or expansion as with steel,

which in turn means:

no cracks, breaks or other damages to the concrete structure over time due to rust and more resistant to earthquakes.

GREENER / Environmentally friendly

Because we use no steel and no Portland Cement we can build

producing 75 to 85 % less CO2 –

and with no steel support walls or other forms we can end the project

creating as little as nearly 0 % waste

The 2nd most commonly used material on the planet is concrete (water is No. 1)

In 2018 over 4 billion tons of concrete were produced.

For every ton of concrete produced 0.75 to 0.85 tons of CO2 are released into our planet‘s atmosphere. That was 3.2 billion tons of CO2 in 2018.

Portland Cement production is equal to the emission of 5.81 billion cars. That is all the cars in Europe, America and China.

We would need to create 26.5 million acres of forest to proccess this amount. This is about 1.5 times the size of Ireland.

3DCP Market and projection for future growth 2020 -2024:

The 3DCP Industry is projected to grow at a rate of over 245.9% per year between 2020 and 2024 according to reliable sources. These include McKinsey, Businesswire, Architect Magazine, Markets-and-Markets, and construction industry experts.


is to obtain as much as 25 or more percent of this market, dependent on funding and investors.

We hope to grow to over 1 billion Euro value in 5 to 10 years.

In this new and exciting industry, this is highly possible and probable.

The 3DCP market is very small and very new, it is only it the very, very early stages. At the present there are only about 10 companies specializing in 3DCP worldwide and only about 10 houses have been built worldwide using 3DCP.

Projected net profit by year

Better Insulating / Weatherproofing

The Geopolymers we use combined with the unique ways we use them make our structures much better insulated against


That means lower costs for heating and air conditioning as well as less water damage which can be reduced to zero.


The Geopolymers and other building materials we use are all anti-allergenic.

This is a relief for people who suffer from allergies and therefore our houses are a safe and healthy environment for your family or employees.

Flexible DESIGNS

Because we use 3D printers

we can build more exact. EXPlain

and are much more flexible as well in the choice of designs


We LOVE what we do and LOVE doing it. We want to see better, safer, faster and environmentally friendly houses being built for less money. We want to build custom-made houses, big houses for the wealthy, comfortable houses for the middle class as well as houses for the poor. We also want to help people who could not afford a house to be able to build because of us. We also are planning to build houses in 3rd world countries for the poor using safer, cheaper and faster methods that are environmentally friendly. We have potential projects in Africa and South America at the moment. We want to help as many people as possible worldwide to have their own home.


The following video is meant to give you an idea of what is possible with 3D Construction Printing. The building shell of the shown house of the size of 1240 squarefeet can be built in only 10-15 hours using our 3D Printing Construction System.


Play Video


If you can build

  1. Faster (20 to 30 times faster)
  2. Less expensive (save 1/3 or more)
  3. Safer (Fire, water and chemical proof)
  4. Better insulation (up to 95%)
  5. Anti-allergenic (For people with allergies)
  6. More environmentally friendly (up to 95% more)
  7. More stable (through our 3 structural supports system)
  8. With a most flexible design…

…what are you waiting for?



We are sorry, but the following article is only available in German.

Source: Mallorca Magazin (20.-26. February 2020)

We are working together with architects, engineers, construction companies and experts to become the number one 3DCP company in the building industry. We have many partners including but not limited to: Geopolymer Cement chemist and other experts and scientist for other materials, 3D programming professionals, mechanical engineers, CAD experts, architects, construction & structural engineers, real estate agents, construction companies and experts, project planners for large residential areas in Germany, Spain, Africa, South America and the middle east, as well as building permit specialist in the above mentioned countries.


If you are interested in growing with us and building a better future, please contact us.